Plural Verb Forms

Let's learn how to change words like Azunnúnalúne'an into its plural forms (i.e. we are!)

  • First, change the (n)e to (n)al
  • Then add the pronouns.

Pretty easy right? Let's learn the plural pronouns in the informal.

  • Anach - We (masculine/mixed, informal)
  • Anacha - We (feminine, informal)
  • Atej - You (masculine/mixed, plural, informal)
  • Ateja - You (feminine, plural, informal)
  • Erej - They (masculine/mixed, informal)
  • Zej - They (feminine, informal)

Ok, so let's show the verb alú in full in the present tense.

  • Azunúnalúne'an
  • Azunúnalúne'ana
  • Azunúnalúne'at
  • Azunúnalúne'ata
  • Azunúnalúne'er
  • Azunúnalúnezi
  • Alunúnalúnalanach
  • Alunúnalúnalanacha
  • Alunúnalúnalatej
  • Alunúnalúnalateja
  • Alunúnalúnalerej
  • Alunúnalúnalzej

Now you may be thinking, "Why would you want it to be so long?!". Well first of all, it's my language but on the bright side there are ways to abbreviate verbs.

  • Since alú will always have the az- prefix we can drop it.
  • Tense is usually told by context so we can toss the un.
  • The indicative is usually implied so we can drop it too.

In short, you can usually drop everything before the verb but never drop what's after the verb! So, alúne'an is perfectly fine. As I said, verbs will be explained in depth in another lesson.