About the Kasirian case system Edit

This is the most difficult part of learning Kasir. You've been gifted with 100% regular verbs and easy to determine noun genders but I couldn't let it be too logical ;)

Honestly, this case system is out of control! In terms of numbers, there are more cases than Finnish and Hungarian combined but unlike those to all that is required to know is the one ending since Kasir doesn't have vowel harmony. There are cases, some are logical, some are not. But once you learn these endings, life will be made so much easier! Now even though there are 45 cases in total, all it takes is a bit of practise.

Location and Destination Edit

When talking about cases in relation to location there are three types, at/in the location (kasathó), towards the location (mohroj al'kasarúl) and motion from location (mohroj al'kasazún). Let's take the "in" cases using mára meaning house (and also a few others where mára won't fit):

  • al'Mára - The house (nominative or root form/subjective)
  • al'Márana - In(side) the house (inessive)
  • al'Márarúl - Into/towards the house (illative)
  • al'Máratós - Out of the house (elative)

Now, this is how all cases relating to where or location work. Here are all of them:

  • al'Márasi - Near the house (Adessive)
  • al'Márasól - To near the house [e.g. he goes near the house] (Contradessive)
  • al'Márazun - From near the house [e.g. he is coming from near the house] (Undessive)
  • al'Márajepút - Between the houses (Intrative)
  • al'Márajekúzh - From between the houses [e.g. the cat crawled out from between the boxes] (contrintrative)
  • al'Márajesul - Towards between the houses [e.g. the cat crawled between the boxes] (Undintrative)
  • al'Máratúr - Under the house (Subessive)
  • al'Márashon - From under the house (Contrasubessive)
  • al'Máramál - Towards under the house [e.g. The cat crawled under the boxes] (Undesubessive)
  • al'Márakos - On top of the house (Superessive)
  • alMárazolé - From the top of the house (Delative)
  • al'Máraron - Onto the top of the house (Sublative)

There are a few that don't have three forms too.

  • al'Máranos - Touching the house (Pertingint)
  • al'Máradhó - Beginning from/with the house (Initiative)
  • al'Parkezún - From the park (Ablative)
  • al'Parkethó - In/At the park (Locative)
  • al'Máraton - Through the house
  • al'Derechebúr - On/By means of the road [e.g. I drive on/by means of the road to school]

Time Edit

There are also a few cases used to express time.

  • mah tasurskon - For one hour [e.g. I waited for one hour] (Orative)
  • Navítatiseshel - At Christmas (Essive)
  • Lunaker - By Monday (Limitive)

Morphosyntatic Alignment Edit

These are some of the most useful cases.

  • al'Mára - the house [used for the direct object] (Accusative)
  • al'Máragos - the house [used for the subject of an intransitive verb] (Ergative)
  • al'Márasúl - with the house (Instrumental)

Relation Edit

These cases show relationship between the noun and the sentence.

  • al'Máragúne - avoiding the house (Aversive)
  • al'Márazhúla - because of the house (Causal)
  • al'Márakólá - the house (Dative)
  • al'Márahúg - per house (Distributive)
  • al'Lunakerúg - on Mondays (Distributive-Temporal)
  • al'Máranole - of the house/the house's (Genitive)
  • al'Máratoná - about the house (Topicative)
  • al'Máragun - equipped with the house (Ornative)
  • al'Máralosé - the house (is owned by) (Possessed)
  • al'Máranúza - (owned by) the house (Possessive)
  • al'Máratug - without the house (Privative)
  • al'Márachul - like/similar to a house (Semblative)

Semantics Edit

Almost there!

  • 3 al'Márakhól - 3 of the houses (Partitive)
  • al'Bábá - O father! (Vocative)

State Edit

These cases are show the state of the noun:

  • al'Máranúl - as the house (Adverbial)
  • al'Márajúg - from (being) the house [i.e. it stops being a house] (Exessive)
  • al'Márajóne - (turning) into a house [i.e. it goes from being X to being Y] (Translative)

Idiom using these cases: al'Dhúgajúg al'Eskontíjóne - From being a castle to being rubble (meaning to go from riches to rags)

  • al'Márafúre - turned towards the house (Orientive)
  • al'Márafóge - turned away from the house (Revertive)

Read More Edit

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  25. Accusative
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  27. Instrumental
  28. Aversive
  29. Causal
  30. Dative
  31. Distributive
  32. Distributive-Temporal
  33. Topicative
  34. Ornative
  35. Possessed
  36. Possessive
  37. Privative
  38. Semblative
  39. Partitive
  40. Vocative
  41. Adverbial
  42. Exessive
  43. Translative
  44. Orientive
  45. Revertive